Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Random Act of Kindness Tuesday- Pick up trash

Random Act of Kindness Tuesdays was originally inspired by a conversation a friend of mine and I had a couple of years ago. We were horrified by an incident we had witnessed. 
Children model their behaviors from the adults around them and the adults behavior and temperaments.

Modeling the habit of throwing your trash away and picking up lose trash will encourage your child to pick up trash. 

Why pick up trash?
Picking up trash helps keep your neighborhoods, schools, parks, beaches, playgrounds, etc. clean and healthy. You will show your child that you  appreciate your surroundings more which will lead in having your child showing that same appreciation.

Keep It Simple
Always keep an extra bag to act as a trash bag where ever you go. You can keep it in your car, backpack or purse. Use this bag not only for your own trash, but also for other trash you might see lying around!

Show Community Support
Every community has some kind of community clean up. The state of California has a "Adopt a Highway" clean up program. San Diego County has Beach Clean Up. 
Or organize a group of people to go out and keep a specific area clean. Help with a beach clean up, or be a part of a relief team working to clean up after a natural disaster. Once a month commit to going to a local park or picnic area and picking up after others who may have left trash behind. You can also do this on the side of a road, or even on your neighborhood streets. And don't stop at just picking up garbage! Separate out the trash that can be recycled.

Random Act of Kindness Challenge: Go out and pick up some trash in your community. Encourage your Viking Wee Ones to join you.

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