Saturday, September 15, 2012

No Fresh n Easy After All.

"I agree.  Patronize our businesses or lose them! Now we are left getting ripped off by Albertsons, which I heard has been sold to another chain store already. (Rumor has it Food for Less?)"

"Perhaps A---- were too slow in their support of the A----Creek Market???
Remember the store where you could actually find the items you were looking for – and had the best meat in town?  Patronize it or lose it!!!

That is the buzz going around our Humble Little Town. In this economy this could almost be heard in any small little town all over the United States. 

Back in April of this year I noticed this sign in one of our Humble Little Town's original grocery stores. I wrote about it here. There was some excitement when the community discovered that Fresh & Easy was moving into the old grocery store. We were told that the "Grand Opening" was to be June 2012. 

Well, it is now September. Where is the new Fresh & Easy that was herald to come to our Humble Little Town?

Hello! Fresh & Easy?? Are you coming or not?

The painful answer. "NO!" 

Now, we have an empty store front and no word on what the future may bring to this area. Apparently, Fresh & Easy became too big for it's britches and couldn't sustain their growth. Several of their impending stores will not open now, including the one in our Humble Little Community.

I teach Economics to my high school students. I teach the difference between a Free Market, Command Market and Combination Market. The United States of America built their economy on a free market economy. However, I do wish that sometimes these business would take in consideration the people within the community they are coming to. 

There are many suggestions on what should be placed in that store front. New library, new pool, another chain grocery store, Goodwill, and the list continues. 

The moral to this story.... respect, honor and cherish the small businesses in your community. Patronize them regularly and help keep them open. 

Otherwise... this is what could happen. 

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