Viking Family Values in the 21st Century

Apologies to Duck Dogers!
How do you balance a holistic and spiritual lifestyle in the 21st Century? I don't know either. But, come along on our adventure as we explore this path.

Seeking the Soul in Educational Television
Why does educational television seem so different then it was when we were kids?

Even Viking Families have to deal with bullies.
Bullying- A Hot Topic
Anti Bullying Resources
Teasing vs Bullying

Why We Left Public Education?
We made the decision this year to send the Viking Children to a Waldorf school inspired by Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophical and Christian values. It wasn't an easy decision with one answer but many. More will follow so enjoy the first five. 

1. Common Core--
2. The Importance of Breathing and Sleeping
3. Understanding a Child's Temperament
4. Age Appropriate Standards
5. Lies

Waldorf  vs. Montessori