Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Anti Bullying Resources

Anti-Bullying Resources

Unfortunately, bullying has become an all-too-common issue among teenagers lately, and it is happening all around the world. Check out these organizations that are actively working to stop bullying in schools. Read their suggestions, watch their videos, and look into their resources.  The more aware our students are of the negative affects of bullying, the more likely they are to help work with educators and parents to prevent it.

Ophelia, and The Bully Project are three great organizations working hard to raise awareness of and end bullying all together. A source that I have been using in my classroom and for my family comes from The month of October has been designated National Bullying Prevention Month. Pacer's motto, " The End of Bullying Begins with You."  Right On!

Read an article featuring Mary Gordon's ideas of how to bring  kindness to the classroom.

Bullying is like a cockroach. Cockroaches hate light. If we all stand up and shine a light on bullying then we can end the bullying. 

Please add to the list if you have any resources for bullying prevention.
"Knowing is half the battle."

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