Friday, October 12, 2012

Inspirational Stories

"Don't let your self worth be defined by a bully." 
 Powerful words.... 

Emotional Win

Posted: 9/10/2012
The topic of bullying is never an easy topic to bring up even after all these years. In fact now, when people heard that I was bullied as a child they tend not to believe me until I dig into the painful facts from the past. The problem today is people do not realize that bullying leaves a lasting effect on a person's life. Words hurt and emotional pain lasts a much longer time than physical pain. 
As a child because my parents were of a different ethnicity it made me look different than other classmates.  I was called so many names so much to the point so my parents even suggested I conceal what nationality I was. My most tramautizing bullying experience was in fourth grade when all the students formed a petition in the class claiming I was "the ugliest student."
The bullying lasted for about 4 years and instead of telling someone I kept it all bottled inside.  By high school I had grew into my looks and achieved popularity but was extremely angry with rage and hurt inside. This led me down a destructive path to which made me lash out at my parents because I blamed them for the bullying because of their nationality.
The only shine of light I had in me was I refused to bully anyone even though I had become part of the "popular crowd" because I knew what kind of pain and suffering it brought. One day after reading a story about a teen commiting suicide because of bullying, I decided I was not going to let this painful part of my past dictate who I was to become. It does take time to heal from bullying but it will happen. 
There is no greater high in the world than overcoming the feeling of beating your bullies not physically but emotionally.  From a bullied elementary school kid, I am now a college graduate with a degree and lead an enjoyable life.  As for my bullies? They did not get very far and that is the best strength once can receive.


I understand how Chole feels. As a kid I had a learning disability that took me out of the class twice a week. It left a stigma and a deep rooted fear inside of me. It didn't help that I was also bullied by my 4th grade teacher and later by a 6th grade teacher. Can you image having some one in a position of authority and protection also tease you? It motivated me to become a teacher later down the road. Deep down I never wanted another student with a disability or other health issues to feel like I did. My secret revenge. I have become a successful teacher, mother and mentor. 
~ Viking Mom

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