Friday, October 5, 2012

National Bullying Prevention Month-Friday Story

The Month of October is National Bullying Prevention Month

This is the time to empower ourselves, our children, students, friends, love ones, families and strangers to take back their personal power from the bullies. 

"Do Not Let Your Self-Worth be Defined by a Bully"

This one hit home to me. I have heard many of my female students tell stories like this one. 

I Was Bullied

Posted: 9/10/2012
At the end of last school year, I was happy. But as the last day of school ended, these 3 girls texted me. All of their messages said just about the same thing:
"We were never friends. You're annoying and I never liked you. Don't talk to me anymore."
I was broken. I thought these 3 girls were my friends. Apparently not. One of the girls continued to bully me. She called me a stalker for looking at pictures of my friends—that she was tagged in, and that's why she called me a stalker—and she harassed me. The others made me feel awkward whenever I got close to them. As time went on, I talked to people about it.
Everyone tells to to get over it, that it's over. But it's not. It happened.
Then this one girl came along. Her name was Lauren :) When I told her about my issue this is what she said:
Oh well I know those girls can be nice
and idk how she's really like with
people she doesn't like but I'm sorry
it's not a big deal and that one girl-she's
making a big deal over nothing. Ur not
a stalker. What you do isn't her
business but don't worry about it. You
didn't do anything wrong just ignore it  all.
Yea I'm older but even I get annoyed by younger and older people.
I'm sorry, don't let it get to you! No one
should hate you. There's nothing to
hate- honestly your fine :) Don't let
that meanie get to you because you did
nothing wrong ok?? Please
She made me feel so much better. Now and then people get to me but it's ok. Sometimes I'm still sad about them faking friendship but I got over it. They're the mean ones.

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