Wednesday, September 26, 2012

DIY- Communication Center

Before Picture. The green dots could be written on with dry erase pens.

The center cabinet in our main room has become a communication center. All notes, memos, and Viking Kiddos' artwork and work are taped and thumb tacked to the cabinet. It was starting to look a little sad.
Time for an affordable make over.
As the Viking Family grows the need to keep organized  has become very important. We also developed a need to have some centralized communication center.
 I love the feel and look of chalkboard. I decided to paint the doors so they could be used as a chalkboard and the family could write messages.
The original plan was to paint the cabinet doors so that it could become a chalkboard. 
There are two forms of chalkboard paint. Since I was only painting the doors I chose the spray paint instead of the brushed on version. I also chose green instead of black. 

Then I found this primer! 
So, I got the brilliant idea of creating a magnetic chalkboard! 
Just add 3 layers of primer coat and paint over with color of choice. Voila!
So, said the instructions. 

To be honest. 
This primer is the nastiest, smelliest, oiliest, and messiest medium I have ever used. I kept praying as I put the required layers on that it would work. 

The finished cabinet!!

The entire family is pleased over my split second decision to pick green chalkboard paint over the black. The black would have been too heavy in this spot. I was also rather pleased that the other colors painted smoothly over the black primer. The purple and blue colors are left over paint from other projects. They are Pacific Rim and Jacquerad. 

Ready for chalk and magnets. 
All the doors have the magnet primer and can take small light weight magnets. The middle doors and top doors are green chalkboard. I was rather pleased and amazed how easy it is to wipe off the chalk.
The bottom doors are just magnetized. 

As you can see I am not afraid of color. 
Yes, that is my office desk. 
Since this picture was taken a blue filing cabinet, mint green book case and a white end table have been added. 


Why Not?

 Bless Bless!

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