Wednesday, September 12, 2012

One Year Anniversary of the San Diego Blackout

One year ago San Diego county and half of Southern California and parts of Arizona experienced a catastrophic blackout. The jury is still out on exactly how it was started but for many of us who are "Preppers" it tested our resources.

I wrote about the Blackout in my blog post last year called "Time to Stop Laughing." You can review it here. The Blackout was a reminder for many of us on the unique situation we have in East San Diego County.

 Is your Bug Out Box Ready?

East San Diego County is a unique area to live in especially in the 21st Century. We have additional seasonal preparation we have to take in consideration.

Fire Season!!!

Since the Blackout additional services have been created by the county to help organize and prepare.
Emergency notification via NOAA approved radio has come in handy in the last couple of years.
One can check out resources here....

Remember during a catastrophic event like a fire, earthquake, hurricane, blackout, zombie evasion cell phones and cordless phones can and go down. In your Bug Out Box you will need an old school land line phone. We plugged in ours and we were the only one with phone services.

CBS Channel 7 New Report.... Check it out here.


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