Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Random Act of Kindness-School Donations

The new school year starts on Tuesday, September 4th. Many schools in California are once again struggling financially and to add to the stress waiting for the elusive state budget to be passed. In addition the Governor has asked that the residents of California to agree to tax increase to help fund the schools. UG!!!

As a result many teachers are cutting back on school supplies and asking parents to help with donations. All three of the Viking Children have already received "Wish Lists."

This weeks Random Act of Kindness

Donate school supplies to a classroom
Donate supplies for the teachers. Teachers also need supplies.
Ask the teacher if there is a special request for supplies.
 Two of the Viking Children are gluten free and require expensive alternatives to traditional school supplies. 

From this teacher it is always appreciated when parents donate items. 

Bless Bles

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