Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Keeping a Busy Mom Organized

All working Moms have one thing in common. We try to balance; work schedules, children's schedules, family schedules, cleaning, cooking, and any other miscellaneous schedule that is often overlooked in the gnat swarm called life. In the process of juggling all these schedules we also try to carve a bit of "Mommy Time."

When I Googled "Mommy Juggling Schedules" to find information or any suggestions on how to help this Type A, Choleric Hippy Dippy Mommy balance all these schedules I found there were over 13, 400,000 sites on this topic. Can we say overwhelmed!!!

About two years ago a friend of mine suggested a site called "Fly Lady." Now, in the two years I have been visiting her site she has really embraced the cyber community. Check her site here.

The Fly Lady helps busy Moms organize there homes and families with humor, love and encouragement. I found that many sites gave lists how to organize schedules but Fly Lady actually guides you with routines, sequences and habit forming projects. 
When looking at cleaning at house it can be overwhelming, especially to a tired Mom. I like the fact that Fly Lady breaks up the cleaning routines into Zones. Each Zone has a dedicated week or day to be cleaned and organized. Then through out the the week there are specific tasks that are to be completed. My favorite is the De-clutter the car and purse day. One does not realize how much stuff is collected and piled up during the week.
To be honest I am still trying to get into the routine with the Zones. I have been successful with keeping the Kitchen Sink cleaned and shiny and the Chaos to a minimum. But, I still have a long way to go. Fly Lady also doesn't have schedules and organization ideas for Viking Homesteads and farms. I have had to be a bit creative on how to allot time for the farm. 

When I started Fly Lady I was introduced to an amazing organizational tool, called Cozi. You can check it out here. The creators of Cozi heard our cries, pleas and suggestions. It is a calendar, meal planner, shopping list, To-Do list, and family communication center all wrapped into one site. I love the fact that I can tie all the family members together with our PDA's, computers and phones. An amazing tool is the shopping list. We now all have a shopping list connected to our phones. When one of us goes shopping we can use it and then either add or delete a purchased item off the list. It has cut down on a lot of confusion and expenses. 

Check out there You Tube Video....

I am still working out a lot of kinks in the plan. But, my goal is to use Cozi and Fly Lady to help reduce some of my stress this year.

Cozi and Fly Lady are for the mainstreamed families. However, more of us who are more organic and holistic have been adding articles and suggestions to both sites. Each contributor has been with open arms and positively. One step at a time.

Bless Bless

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