Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Office Disaster Prep!

Last year our office was asked and encouraged to develop a disaster preparation kit encase we have to bug in due to an emergency. Many school sites are also FEMA Evacuation Sites. The school site where my office is located is one of those designated sites. There is one huge multi-office "Emergency Box" somewhere in our complex. 

After last years San Diego Black Out I started looking into what I could keep at my desk encase of another emergency. I am limited on space and I share my humble little cubicle space with about 10 other busy co-workers. Leaving a huge Bug Out box isn't possible. Then I came up with this idea for a 1 person 1 day survival kit.

In one 32- oz BPA free Water Bottle
1. Water Purification Tablets for 25 quarts
2. 400 calorie food bar
3. 18 piece first aid kit
4. whistle
5. survival blanket
6. poncho
7. waterproof matches
8. 12- hour light stick
9. caribiner clip

All of this fits into the water bottle. 

The water bottle and the Coleman First Aid Kit fit neatly in the bottom drawer of my filing cabinet. 
I am thinking of adding more food bars and additional water. 

Now, I am even prepared in the office for an emergency.

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