Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Are You Prepared?

The other day while on Facebook I read an alert about earthquakes. Apparently, of the course of last week Los Angles experienced a 3.8 magnitude earthquake. 

The headlines asked, "Are you prepared for the big one?" 

Now, if you live in California earthquakes are part of life. Californians are always prepared for an earthquake, however big or small. School children learn very early about "Duck and Cover" and where the San Andreas Fault line is in California. 

I had to chuckle to myself when I read this headline because earlier that had been a great deal of media about preparing for major wild land fires. Now, homeowners are being asked to re-examine their home and car insurance, check their landscaping, and even create their own escape routes. 

In all seriousness I have posted about prepardness a couple of times. Check them out here:

Lets recount:
California must prepare for 


Duck and Cover during an earthquake

Loma Prieta Earthquake- 1989

Major Wild Land Fires

 Photo of fires burning in California

and now Godizilla battles.

Godzilla marching through San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

What is your state or country known for and how do you prepare for these events?

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