Friday, June 13, 2014

The Power to Edit and Say No

Saturday's Schedule

Cub Scout Fishing Derby 7-10
Lady Bug's Bridging Over "Graduation" to 1st Grade 9-10:30
Fairy Festival 9-12
Monkey Boy's Baseball Team End of the Year Pool Party 12-4
Lady Bug's End of the Year Baseball Game 1-4
Lady Bug's BFF's 6th Birthday Party 12-?

Sunday's Schedule

Lady Bug's Classmate's Birthday Party
Lady Bug's Brownie End of the Year Bridging Final Wrap Party

In the middle of this crazy schedule Viking Dad has to continue his work to "fire proof" the house for fire season. More on that later. 

I looked at the schedule Friday night and about had a heart attack. How were we going to fit all of these events into they day? None of these events were close by and were minimum 15-20 minutes apart. In addition, at some of these events there was no way in the world that keeping to a schedule was going to work, without being rude. Our family is very food sensitive due to Celiac Disease and Diabetes. So, the idea of "eating out" wasn't an option. 

What to do? Time to Edit and Just Say "NO."

I told the family to pick "two" events each day. Of course I picked Lady Bug's Bridging Over "Graduation" to 1st Grade as the #1 Priority on Saturday. 
The Viking Kiddos picked Lady Bug's BFF 6th Birthday Party for the second event on Saturday.

Consequently, that meant that several people were going to miss us at the other events. Several of them, I knew, would start calling us on our cells demanding to know where we were and why we hadn't arrived. No promises ever were made, so it is a bit irritating to receive these kind of calls. I decided to leave my cell phone in the car so I could focus on the beautiful moment with my daughter. In addition I didn't have a watch. I lost all track of time- and survived!!

Sunday came and the family decided to pick two events. Sorry, but the awesome yearly airshow tends to trumps spiritual needs. We spent part of the day at the local historical airshow. Then we attended Lady Bug's end of the year Brownie Party. 

I am reflecting back at how powerful the idea of editing the schedule and saying, "NO" was to our family. At the end of the day we were not exhausted, sick or stressed out. I am saddened we may have disappointing a few friends but our family has discovered a new "bliss."

Have the courage to edit and say no to you schedule. 

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