Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Waldorf Education-Practical Arts

What is the difference between watching a Youtube Video on knitting and blacksmithing vs actually doing knitting and blacksmithing?

Youtube video:
How to Knit

Black Smith


Knitting as a class

Blacksmith class

From an article called "Why Waldorf Works" 

"Waldorf teachers believe that the human being is not just a brain-but a being with heart and limbs- a being of will and feeling, as well as of intellect. To ensure that education does not produce one sided individuals, crippled in emotional health and volition, these less conscious aspects of human nature must constantly be exercised, nourished and guided. Here the arts and practical skills make their essential contribution, educating not only heart and hand but, in very real ways, the brain as well."

Bless Bless

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