Wednesday, June 4, 2014

In Search of the Perfect End of the Year Goodbye Gift

I have found a new Mommy Blog. I am in love! 
I would like to introduce you to Passengers on a Little Spaceship. Check out her blog here. 

I am in love with her crafts, her heart warming creativity and beautiful thoughts she shares on her posts. When I am having a rough day at work, I catch a ride on her little spaceship and drool through her projects and read her posts. 

One of her projects I discovered when I was searching how to needle felt bee wings. I decided to save this craft idea for my Summer Ideas and Projects "bag."  I have 70 days to keep the Viking Kiddos occupied. HA!!

Check out these adorable "dragon tears" on her sights. I have to admit I was a bit embarrassed when I discovered how easy they were to make. Check out how to make them here. 

The creative photos are from Passengers on a Little Spaceship. When the Viking Kiddos and I make ours I will post pictures. 

Mermaid tears-from Passengers on a Little Spaceship

Yesterday, Viking Monkey Boy informed me that he wanted to make End of the Year Goodbye Gifts for his classmates. Viking Lady Bug thought it would be a great idea too. 
Thank you Passengers on a Little Spaceship for a wonderful end of the year gifts.  I think for Viking Lady Bug I am going to find lady bugs. Now, just need to convince Viking Monkey Boy that Godzilla may not be the best idea. How about dragons?

Bless Bless

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