Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fires! Are you Prepared to Evacuate?

The Viking Homestead is located in San Diego County. As much as I joke about preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse there is a deeper reason for our need to prepare. We live in Fire Country!  We have been evacuated twice due to fires, dealt with a major Blackout, and have to be prepared for the power companies grid shut down due to high winds. 

The Viking Dad and I met during a Fire Worm Storm!

Are you prepared? I have written about preparing several time and you can re-read them here.

Bug Out Box
Professional Medical Kits
Basic Emergency Check List

Another point to think about while preparing.

 Know alternative routes and roads for escape and travel. All major roads during an evacuation will be closed, clogged or possibly shut off. Know your back roads. This knowledge came in handy yesterday when a fire erupted on my route home. I was able to take back roads to my children and make it home, safely. 

Keep you vehicles fuel tanks full. You won't know how far you will have to travel to evacuate or get to family.

Be safe! Be Prepared! Be Wise!

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