Tuesday, May 27, 2014

More Violence- And we don't see this in our entertainment?

Probably by now, especially if you live in California, you have heard about the massacre of six young college students in Santa Barbara. The media has been focusing on the "close calls", the "warning signs", and the "memories", "mental health....." What the media is failing to discuss is this Perpetrators MO! 

A body found in San Barbara

MO is police/profiler jargon for "modus operandi." This is Latin for "mode of operation." In reality "unsub" is actually a Hollywood term in which it has leaked into modern police work. Originally, the MO of a criminal was the description of a criminals characteristic profile. 

Recently, and I will not dignify him by using his name-which gives him power even in death-, the Perpetrator sent his "manifesto" to one of his therapist and was also discovered by the police department. 

You can read it here in its entirety. 

Now, I have recently posted a discussion about violence in the media. Has television violence gone beyond a stated taboo?

They are entitled:

Has Television Violence Gone Beyond a Stated Taboo?

I have found it rather ironic recently that society is outraged when they read this Perpetrator's manifesto but then don't see this same violence in entertainment. 

Let's do a thought exercise. Lets change the author's name of the Manifesto to George R.R. Martin or Marquis de Sade or change the title to Saw I-IV or the Hills Have Eyes. 

How is this entertainment but in the same breath we are horrified of the real thing?
Scene from Game of Thrown-Red Wedding

Thought exercise: How is the change of the title or author any different?

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