Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Precious Teaching Moment- Random Act of Kindness

In today's society it is difficult for a parent or parents to find those glimmers of hope and shimmers of kindness to use for those teaching moments.

Today I had an awesome teaching moment for the Viking Kiddos. I could not wait t get to my office and to the computer to share. I am carefully and laborously typing this on my so called "smart phone."  Please excuse any weird typos. 

At my favorite coffee shop we had a five or six car "Pay it Forward" or "Random Act of Kindness" moment in the drive hrough window. It started two or three cars ahead of me in which the first car paid for the drink  behind  them. When I arrived at the window to pay for our drinks I discovered that the lovely red car in front of me had paid for my drink. So, in return I paid for the drink for the young man behind me in the huge white truck. 

I have no idea who the mystery person was in front of me but as a way of thanking them for their generosity, I paid for the young man behind me. I hope he continued the "pay it forward" and "random act of kindness" through the line. 

Viking Lady Bug asked, "why did they pay for your drink and why did you pay for the strangers drink?"

I explained to the Viking Kiddos about Random Acts of Kindness and this was an example of strangers being kind to one another. I asked them to Pay it Forward by showing kindness to someone today. 

Then out of the mouth of babes they both quoted Proverbs 3:3


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