Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What Are You Planning for Easter?

To be honest with you I haven't even started thinking about Easter. My planning tends to start about when the Viking Kiddos and I start Spring Break.  I have a whole week to play and have fun with the Viking Kiddos which also means Viking Mom needs to come up with an activity plan. 

So, here is what is kinda of sort of on the agenda next week. 

1. The famous hand dyed Easter Egg Extravaganza. This year I am sneaking in quail eggs to see what they do. We also use natural dyes for the eggs we do find from our beloved chickens that are white. 

2. Plant our Spring Garden! Its Time!!

3. Build an Easter Egg Tree. This is a new one for us this year. Apparently, you just string up pretty colored eggs on the lonely branches of a tree. This is Viking Lady Bug's idea.

4. Grow a tray of grass. We acutally started this a couple of weeks ago. It will be ready for our special lambs, birds, bunnies and other secret little friends. All these are child-made from felt.

5. Egg Shell Garden

Egg Shell Garden

Supplies Needed:
Eggshells (colored or plain)
Pieces of Sponge
Grass Seed

Place a piece of sponge inside of the broken eggshell. Add a small amount of water to the sponge to make it moist. Sprinkle grass seed on top of the sponge. Each day water the seed lightly. In approximately one week you should see the grass growing.

Happy Easter Everyone!!


Kind hearts are the gardens;
Kind thoughts are the roots;
Kind words are the blossoms;
Kind deeds are the fruits.
And sunbeams of love in these heart-gardens glow,
That put out the world's darkness, and make Easter
buds grow.

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