Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Continue Discussion on Violence on Television-Explicit

Last week I discussed in a post about my observation on violence in American television and has it crossed or pushed the acceptable taboo boundaries. You can read about it here. 

"Just look at the flowers."

I mentioned that I have only started watching the HBO series "Game of Thrones." I am still not impressed by the books. One reason is the constant focus on inappropriate sexual relationships between the characters. Two of the main characters, who are not only brother and sister but twin brother and sister,  have a rather passionate incest relationship resulting in several children.  Apparently, one of these children becomes the King. 

Another set of characters are extremely young girls who are married off shortly after "their first bleed." These two characters are about thirteen. Ewwww! 

Khal Drogo and his 13 year old wife~ from Game of Thrones

Last Sunday, the two Twin Siblings, Jaimie and Cersai, have a "scene." Through out the series the sex scenes are normally consensual. Apparently, this wasn't the case. Jaimie, this time, despite Cersai's objections and "No" rapes her. 

Jaimie and Queen Cersai~ from Game of Thrones

First of all, this particular scene is NOT in the book! The author of the book series has shared his disappointment. Second- what was the point of this particular scene? I am sure there could have been other ways of showing Jaimie's decent into depravity then raping his Sister. 

What ever the case or reason the writers of this series chose this direction it has brought up a flurry of discussion. My favorite one you can read here.   There are over 165,000,000 results on Google alone on this one topic. Including, the Director's break down of the scene and their justification of the re-write.

I have to ask, "What was the purpose?" 

Unlike, the Walking Dead episode where Carol kills Lizzie- see previous post-  whose scene provoked a lot of deep thinking on the human psyche- this rape scene on "Game of Thrones" was pointless. Jaimie right out rapes his Sister!

Not only was the "Game of Thrones" scene pointless but it also shows how the writers really think of women. I am including the author of the series as well. In a time where as a world and a nation women continue to struggle to be seen as a whole and to be respected; why on earth do we still continue to have "entertainment" that portrays women in such a weak position?

Ladies and Gentlemen- Rape is a Rape. There is no partial, maybes, okay eventually it became consensual Bull$8it! NO! Means NO! PERIOD!
This shouldn't be even a discussion! 

Shame on you writers! Shame on you for perpetuating a myth about rape, degradation of women and children. Shame Shame Shame!

Child Brides- Modern Day

Combating Human Trafficking -"Second"Conference. 
It should be the 100th or None at All.

Google: Human Trafficking--- Watch and weep

I am going to finish Book 2 of the book series and that will be it. I feel that if I buy any further books or even support the series I am encouraging this behavior of the writers. 

This is my personal belief. 

Bless Bless

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