Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Mess- Need to Kvetch

Okay, I need to kvetch for a moment. This week hasn't been the greatest. It has been filled with a lot of those stressful moments that even Kal-gone, a glass of wine, and month at a spa just won't fix. 

FYI- Kvetch means: slang 
verb (used without object)
to complain, especially chronically.
Also, kvetch·er. a person who kvetches.
1960–65,  Americanism; < Yiddish kvetshn  literally, to squeeze, pinch;compare Middle High German, German quetschen

I know the Viking Family is the square peg in a society full of round pegs wanting to just fit in with the rest. .

We find sometimes that being that square peg in a society full of round pegs can be like fish swimming up stream. We do realize that we also need to fit in with the round peg society. For example, the Viking Kiddos participate in baseball and Boy and Girl Scouts. In these individual groups are rules we need to follow. The Viking Kiddos are expected to  wear the uniforms properly and complete. We also need to arrive on time to the events. It doesn't matter if you are round, square, triangle, hexagon, or tetrahedron there are just some social rules that everyone must follow.  We can't be hermits as much as that would be nice at times. 

This week Viking Lady Bug forgot her lunch (on Friday), lost her brown uniform socks (missed her Saturday game) and puttered around the house instead of getting dressed for a Boy Scout event (making us late). I sadly lost my temper with her. I think what upset me was her lack of concern that I was upset and stressing trying to get everything done before the Boy Scout event. 

At the Boy Scout event I couldn't believe, but I should stop being surprised, how disinterested the parents were towards the work and progress the young scouts had completed. It took many tries to quiet the parents down in order for the scouts and parents to listen to any announcements or presentation from the Scout Master, Den Leaders, or the Guest. What blew me away was the complete disrespect and callous rudeness some of these parents had towards the Scout Master and towards other adults. Several young scouts were completely out of control and when another adult asked that a measure of decorum be given these parents exhibited insane rude behavior towards the ADULT! I spoke up and pointed out that their behavior was being observed by the boys, they didn't care. The "final straw that broke the camel's back" was when I discovered Viking Boy modeling the same rude and disrespectful behavior that the parents and other boys had exhibited ( rude body noises, sarcastic tone in the voice, defiance and destruction of items).  There are many many reason, that I have shared on this post, why we left the Public School system in our Humble Little Town. The toxic personalities, behaviors, and temperaments of some of these people are one of the reasons. What sad, @#$%^&*(!   #@$%!  #$%^&!

Thank you very much but I think I will retreat to my hermitage!

I had a chance to speak to one of my Waldorf mentors about Viking Lady Bug's seemingly absent minded and challenging behavior. It's part of the growing up and being six. The six year old is transitioning between their dream world and their domestic world. They haven't blended the two yet, but are able to transfer between the two worlds.  It is why the Kindergartens in the Waldorf schools strive to have a gentle, warm and peaceful classrooms. I thought the gentle environment of the classroom was to focus and sooth the wild torrent storm brewing inside the six year old. But, it is also for the parents. 

We also talked about The Horrible Boy Scout Evening. While I totally don't agree that media and materialism is the soul reason for the downfall of our society, I certainly got a taste of the contrast between our square family (low media, strong spiritual foundation and family values) and the round peg society. It only strengthens my resolve to stay square! Or a tetrahedron!

I have resolved not to have our edges shaved to fit in that round hole. 
I just pray and wish more round pegs will acknowledge their own shapes and stand up and be themselves. 

Bless Bless
Viking Mom-

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