Wednesday, March 12, 2014

So, You Want to Home School?!

After 15 years in the classroom I was reassigned to a Home School program where I am the designated teacher of record for the student's district who have decided to be home schooled.

Yes, I am one of those designated teachers that most home school families must meet periodically for testing, meetings, and progress reports. Now, each state, county and district will handle homeschooling differently. In the State of California families who decide to home school must be part of a "Co-Op" and receive curriculum from a designated "district." These districts can be a public school district, charter or private. It varies and are as unique as the families. 

I am a major supporter of families who have decided to make that HUGE commitment to home school their children. The reasons vary for everyone. In my particular program I work with students who have catastrophic illnesses or are terminally ill. Yes, they must still go to "school."

I am often asked about how to be a successful Home School Teacher. That is  a good question. 

One of my inspirations, the Pioneer Woman, home schools her four children and is in a very vibrant co-op. She has a guest blogger, Heather Sanders, who has posted 5 Things to Ask Yourself Before Joining a Home School Co-Op. Please read her thoughts here

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