Wednesday, January 9, 2013

No Grocery Store Challenge

Our New Year's Resolution is to use conventional grocery stores less. 

Two years ago I read an article about how a Mother took a 30 day challenge where she stopped going o conventional grocery stores for all her food and only shopped at Farmer's Markets and/or Co Ops. She was inspired to start this journey after watching Food Inc.   You can read her blog post here on her progress. After two years she continues to grow her own food, shop at Farmer's Markets/Co Ops and local farms and still hasn't stepped into a conventional grocery store. She has admitted that she does purchase her "paper goods" and "shampoos" from Amazon.

Our motivation  for attempting this challenge is less ominous then being inspired by Food Inc.

We were motivated by the following reasons:
1. Our family requires a very strict diet. Having a strict diets for a family of four due to significant health issues can be expensive.
2. A desire to provide holistic, organic and clean food for my family. We have read Omnivours Dilemma and the author confirms what we have always believed in about our food.
3. Cost analysis between shopping at a conventional grocery store and shopping locally for our produce. Is it possible to feed a family of four less expensively from local farms then from conventional grocery stores?
4. Additional produce for canning and emergency prepping.

I can't take credit for the plan. I gathered my ideas from 18years2life and The Hippest House Wife (which I think the site has been retired). I have added a few tweeks so the plan will fit our families needs and goals. One of my new blogs I have found is 18years2life. You can read her blog post here. 

1. All produce and products need to be purchased from a Farmer's Market, Co Op, You Pick Farm, or family/friend farm. 
2. Grow as much produce and foods on the Viking Homestead.Watch for future post on the redesigned gardens. 
3. Items that can't be found or purchased at a Farmer's Market etc are to be limited. Viking Dad and I need to brain storm on this topic as to what guidelines we want to establish. Right now Viking Dad's soda addiction may be an area of challenge. 

Can a family of 4 on restricted medical diets eat organically without growing broke?

I will keep you posted on our progress.

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