Wednesday, January 23, 2013

No Grocery Store Challenge-Week 2 Unexpected Teaching Moments

Since starting this challenge we have had several unexpected teaching moments with the Viking Children.

 Viking Monkey Boy is earning steps towards his Tiger Badge for Cub Scouts. Many of the activities like talking to vendors about recycling, growing food, and helping feed the homeless are all character building steps found in the Cub Scout laws and promises. Whoo Hoo!! This has been an unexpected gift and surprise.

Talking to the Homeless.....

This last trip to the Farmer's Market we were approached by several homeless men asking for money or food. Since we take the Viking Children on these outings Viking Dad and I have had to sit down and talk about how we were going to discuss this topic with the Viking Children. We want to advocate compassion but also protect them from being taken advantage of by less scrupulous individuals. Last week I shared the Blessing Bags for Random Act of Kindness-Tuesday. You can read about them here.
 In our discussions we were reminded about Saint Nicholas, Saint Martin and even Saint Lucia by the Viking Children. BAAZINGA!
You can re-read my post about the saints here.

We decided we would make a few Blessing Bags and take them with us on our next trip to the Farmer's Market. 

How do other families talk about the homeless and giving charity?

Viking Monkey Boy and Viking Lady Bug did, with Viking Dad's guidance and support, speak to a group of individuals who were using old T-shirts and making them into shopping bags. The "donations" given were to help support their endeavor. Inspired by their effort, or by the coolness factor of the T-shirt bag, Viking Monkey Boy donated a quarter from his pocket. He has mentioned he wants to go back and donate more to their project.

Live Music- Donations

Unlike the canned music found in regular grocery stores there is live music at this Farmer's Market. It has been awesome to listen to live music. I am still looking for the clowns. This particular fiddler had his box open to invite people to give a donation. Another teaching moment for the Viking Children. What are the criteria to give money to a musician? This is a good question which we need to reflect on as a family. Any ideas?
Viking Monkey Boy did give him a dollar because he made Viking Lady Bug dance. Now, that is a good criteria. 

I wonder when or what the next unexpected teaching moment will occur in this challenge. 

Bless Bless
Viking Mom

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