Thursday, January 10, 2013

First Challenge- What's for Dinner?

"Viking Mom! What's for dinner?"

 Usually, on my way home from work or school I would stop by the grocery store and pick something up for dinner. Keeping our Non-Conventional Grocery Store Challenge in mind Viking Dad and I decided we would start our challenge at the local Wednesday afternoon Farmer's Market.

Our budget: $40.

Wednesday Afternoon Farmer's Market 
In the foreground are the beautiful ladies from The Lavender Fields
You can find their website here.

One of the enjoyable things I found with this small Farmer's Market was how friendly everyone was to me and the other customers. Each vendor spoke to me like I was a long lost friend. It was really relaxing and fun. I had to keep in mind that this was January and much of the produce was winter season vegetables and some fruit. San Diego County is unique in that we do have varieties of fruits all year round. 

Here's what I go for $40

The Loot
1. 1-lb of spinach
2. 2-bell peppers
3. 1-lb mushrooms
4. 1- "Bacon" winter variety avocado
5. 1 pt. local fresh strawberries
6. Almost 2-lbs of fresh green beans
7. Yummy locally grown Fuji apples
8. Fresh sheep milk feta cheese- Yummers!
9. Total Splurge!- The Lavender Fields Classic Lavender Body Mist.

The only exception to this loot is the Gluten Free Udi Bread.- 

 Heirloom Tomatoes

Fresh Feta Cheese, Apples, Strawberries and Bacon Avocado
Fresh Green Beans-Lots!

And I had left over money!

I had $2.25 left over!

The only exception to this loot is the gluten free Udi bread. However, I just discovered that at the big Sunday Farmer's Market there are two vendors that do provide gluten free bread. I am looking forward to exploring this Sunday's Farmers Market.

Lessons Learned-
1. Menu planning. We really really need to sit down as a family and complete a weekly menu. 
2. Need seasonal food recipes. Any ideas are very much welcomed!

Tonight's Dinner Meal:
  • Paleo Caveman Steak (we already had the meat in the freezer)
  • Grilled bell peppers, mushrooms with garlic cloves
  • Spinach salad with apples, bell peppers, almonds, and feta cheese
  • Pork and Beans

I am so looking forward to this Sunday's HUGE Farmer's Market. 

Bless Bless
Viking Mom

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