Friday, January 18, 2013


I have written a couple of times on the importance of composting. 
You can read about Composting 101 here and here.

 The Benefits of Biodynamic Composting:

  1. repairs the soil’s ecosystem
  2. absorbs moisture
  3. builds soil by increasing the vital humus content
  4. protects against erosion
  5. saves water
  6. eliminates the need for pest controls and soil foods
  7. works on all soil types
  8. promotes healthy root growth
  9. heals your soil and heals your soul
We have been actively heap composting for some time, which is perfect for small scale gardens. We compost EVERYTHING! Well, almost everything. We do recycle our plastics and some papers at an off site facility. 

Since our Humble Viking Homestead is too small for the large scale Biodynamic Preps we have discovered that in Malibu a humble farm provides not only the Preps but also healthy compost to augment our own compost. One of the key elements to healthy compost is dairy cow manure. I have very patient neighbors, but I don't think they are too keen on having a dairy cow for a neighbor. 

Check out Malibu Compost Biodynamic here

When I first started the path of biodynamic farming/gardening there was precious little on Internet. I had to attend several workshops and read many books written by the gurus of biodynamic farming. 
I still strongly encourage participating in any or all workshops on biodynamics farming/gardening. The community of people is healing for the soil but also the soul. 

 Here is a video that will tickle your curiosity.


The Goods
“Biodynamic agriculture…is necessary not only for the sake of somehow improving agriculture, but so that human life on earth can continue at all, since as physical beings we depend on what the earth provides.”
-Rudolf Steiner

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