Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Small Business Saturday

This weekend I heard a growing chorus of "Get it off Amazon. It's cheaper." or "Amazon is cheaper."
Despite California's best effort to over tax Amazon; Amazon apparently is still cheaper to buy from then the malls.

Every year, I post on this blog my support for Small Business Saturday and small family run businesses. However, if you have been following my post for sometime you will find that my Humble Little Town has been struggling keeping small family run businesses.

On October 31, we saw the closing of our favorite BBQ Smokehouse, Ramons aka Janice's Place. You can read the commentary and discussion here.
There are many variables as to why and also as many excuses as why they are going out of business. You can read one here. Another post here.

This year I challenge you to look deep down and ask yourself why Amazon is easier to buy from then your local family run business. Is it truly cheaper? Or just easier?


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  2. Your very welcome! I support small business and Mom and Pop/family run business. We have lost touch with that bit of our humanity and cultural identity.