Wednesday, June 6, 2012


My Humble Little Town of 15,000 people is full of small town business that are mostly family run. We do have an Albertson's, Starbucks, Carl's Jr and soon Fresh and Easy. But, we also have wonderful little shops like Chic Boutique, Celenes, and Cafe Adesso ( They have the best chocolate mochas in the world!). We have a wonderful restaurant called Janet's Montana Cafe that makes the most amazing breakfasts. Their breakfasts would make any cowboy happy. I am a huge supporter of supporting local businesses and Chic Boutique is one I support. 

But, all these small business have been suffering since SDG&E decided to put in the Sun Rise Power link right down the middle of town. There is a great deal of controversy regarding the Sun Rise Power link and it's future viability. A painful reality the messy construction has caused is the loss of businesses in our Humble  Little Town. I lost count after seven which included my favorite restaurant, The Vine. Chic Boutique has suffered but remained opened and continues to carry the most adorable clothing and home items. 

Chic Boutique

Cute and Funky items and clothes can be found at Chic Boutique
 One of the promises that was given to the residents of My Humble Little Town and the businesses was that the construction would only be two years and completed in two phases to minimize the damages to the business.  My Humble Little Town was also promised new side walks, a new street and new street mediums. Many business along the way received updated parking and landscaping. This summer was suppose to be the end of the Mess! You can imagine the excitement the residents and the business were having when June arrived. The original date for the end of the construction.

See Ya! Party Invite

So, you can imagine the anger, the disappointment and WTF sentiments the residents and businesses 
had when they received this letter on June 5th. 
The newest letter! Thanks SDG&E

According to Chic Boutique and other business SDG&E will be continuing construction and remodeling on the main road through My Humble Little Town. It is estimated that construction will last another year. The new construction is to fix the drainage problem that wasn't factored in during the original plans for the main roads and for a new hotel being put in up at the Indian Casino/Reservation. My Humble Little Town has an active creek that runs down the center of town. It is covered mostly by the road and extensive drainage pipe but it can be seen as one drives through town. When power lines were dug in some how this humble little creek was not factored into the equation. Now, with the new sidewalks the drainage is messed up.

Now, the Casino wants to add another hotel??!!

Why wasn't this factored in three years ago? Really???  

So, residents of My Humble Little Town... Another year of delays, deconstructions, strangers, higher crime, and potential loss of business. Whats next?

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