Thursday, June 7, 2012

Viking Mom's New Workshop

The Beginning 

My humble little homestead house is only 1,300 square feet. It doesn't leave much room for my crafts, fiber artwork and a growing family with their multiple projects. I have boxes full of materials that also serve as end tables. 

We do have a barn but it is total Viking Man Land.

I was blessed to acquire a slightly used workshop from an artist community in My Humble Little Town. They were forced to close because of the Sunrise Power Link construction. I was attracted to the building because of the huge window and French doors. How perfect to let in natural light for my weaving and other projects. It will also be made from re-purposed materials. It doesn't look like much but in that spot will be a 12x12 workshop with a patio and sitting area.  

Viking Dad and Viking Son setting the first "Corner Tire"
One of the problems we have is a hillside that moves with each rainstorm. So, we have to build a retaining wall to prevent the hillside from moving into my workshop. What do you do with used tires? Use them for a rammed earth retaining wall. Viking Dad and Viking Son have started to dig and place the tires in place. They have also discovered many gopher tunnels, and old sprinkler pipe and other curious debris. 

Viking Dad and I have talked over the years about building a Earth Ship house out of tires and hay bales. In California it is illegal to build any structure over 20'x20' out of tires. I think this is Horse Pucky, personally. What a great way to recycle unused tires and keep them out of our landfills. 

Progress! And sexy legs.

It has taken a couple of days for Viking Dad to make progress. Little did we know that he would hit clay!  
The red dirt is actually clay. Viking Son and Dad have also found interesting pieces of debris that have left us wondering what their purpose was before. So, far as of this post there are five tires laid out. The plan is to add three to five tires high to build the first section of the retaining wall. 

The chickens are having a blast hunting for newly exposed bugs and two of the homestead cats have explored the exposed gopher tunnels. 

I can't wait for the foundation to be laid out. 

As we progress I will post updates. 

Bless Bless

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