Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Proud Moment

I have taught more then a hundred students over the last fifteen years of teaching. There have been some students that really tested my teaching ability, really challenged my patients, were pure joys to have in the classroom, and some were those awesome souls that encouraged me to stay in teaching.

Then there are students that really leave a mark on my heart. 
Sabrina Diane Silbar 
Class of 2012

Sabrina was born addicted to a laundry list of drugs because her birth parents were illicit drug addicts. The poisons from the drug left her with a failing heart and liver, two kinds of blood disorders, seizures, hormonal imbalance and additional health issues complicated from a failing system.
Sadly, the doctors decided this year that she was not a candidate for heart and liver transfer and in April she was placed in Hospice Care.

Despite all of this Sabrina will be graduating with her class. 
The class of 2012 this Thursday!

I am so proud of her! 

These are the moments that I am glad I stayed a teacher.

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