Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chicken Rebellion 2012

A year ago I started the Chicken Rebellion. You can re-read the story here.
We have had a lot of fun raising our own chickens. There are many healthy and ethical reasons to raise 
your own chickens, but for us the number one reason is for the humor factor.

Okay, ready for it..... wait for it.....
Chicken Butt!
Now, I bet you couldn't say, "Chicken Butt!" without smiling. After a long and stressful day our little feathery friends are our comic relief.
Let me introduce you to the Chicken Family

The Family
Missing from the picture are: Weirdo #2, Mama Chica and Auntie Ethel.

Each chicken has their own personality and strange little quirks. Papa Royalty the Rooster has this bizarre sound when he's roosting. It can be best described as a deflating balloon. Ms. Hipne aka Ms. Lucky We are Alive still follows Viking Dad around the yard and wants to be picked up. 
Have you heard the term, "Pecking Order?" Well, Big Mama is so named because she will literally peck at the younger birds so she can have her own spot. I want to re-name her Sheldon because roosts in the same spot every night. IGC was so named by Viking Son because she went into this bizarre spinning circle run one day that sent Viking Son into a fit of giggles. He named her "I Got Confused." Thus IGC. 
Weirdo #1 and Weirdo #2 were so named because as chicks they insisted on standing in the water bowl. Viking Son asked if they were ducks or chickens. "They are so Weird Mommy." Thus the names stuck. They are the ones who also lay our beautiful green eggs. One of the Weirdos is also Hipne's Mommy. 
Auntie Ethel

Auntie Ethel. We lost Lucy and Harly during the Winter. We think a rouge Coyote got one and we found the other pinned against the fence one day. Not sure what happened. But, it is the harsh reality of having a farm. However, goofy Auntie Ethel isn't a real brooder like Mama Chica and Mama Buff. She will sit on the eggs while Mama Chica goes out and gets something to eat and drink. Once Mama Chica returns she leaves the nest and either sits in another box or hangs out with the Family. 

Mama Chica sitting on her eggs

Did you know chickens growl? This is how we know we have a brooder.
Mama Chica growled at Viking Dad one day. Viking Dad braved the dangers of having his fingers
pecked at he gently lifted Mama Chica up and discovered.......

Happy Surprise... Mama Chica's first baby
Happy Fluff Ball
Mama Chica's first baby chick. We have called her Happy Fluff Ball. We also discovered that day where the rest of the chickens had been hiding the eggs. We free range our chickens so it is a daily Easter Egg hunt to find where the goofy girls lay their eggs. Apparently, the girls were shooing Mama Chica off her nest and laying their eggs on the nest and then she would sit on them. As the pile grew Auntie Ethel took over to help. We are not sure how many are viable eggs. They are defiantly not appropriate for human consumption. Yuck!

Viking Dad has since moved Mama Chica and her baby to a new brood box with three of the freshest eggs. The old eggs had to be "composted." Eggs that have been left unattended are buried. It helps with the rotten egg smell when one breaks. Yuck!

Chicken Rebellion!!!!!! Go and get a chicken!!!! Warning!!! Once you get one you must get more... They are an addiction!!! 

Chicken Rebellion!!!

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