Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mommy wants to bang her head!!

Really?? Summer College for Kids?!

I find it really irritating and just maddening to hear in the media that schools are loosing funding. Class sizes are going to be larger. Teachers are being pinked slipped and RIF'd during Teacher Appreciation Day. Community Colleges and even state colleges are having to raise tuition and fees because the state is cutting their funding. I really fear for my children and for the future. 

Then my son comes home with this flier. Really? First, the media claims there is no funding for any programs and they have to raise the tuition cost and cut classes.
But, apparently they have funding for Summer College for Kids. 

Hey! Instead of creating useless programs like this one why don't you apply the money to the current classes and programs. 

You can guess my kids WILL NOT be attending this program.  EVER!

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