Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Whole Foods Selling Chinese Organic Foods

Yes, you read the title correctly.
A friend of mine sent me a Youtube article regarding Whole Foods selling organic food made in China.

Whole Foods doesn't deny that their in store brand has organic food from China. Here is Whole Foods public statement regarding the use of organic foods grown in China. You can read it here.  In fact, it is common knowledge in the grocery store industry that 90% of our food doesn't originate in the United States. Did you ever wonder how the grocery stores can get fruit in the winter time? Pears, oranges, and apples found in the grocery stores during the winter time are often grown in Chile or in South America. Dole has a huge foot print in South America so that they can provide canned fruits to American.

Since this video Whole Foods now claims that their store brand frozen vegetables are grown in the United States. But, is it still safe?

There is a snarky comment on this video about growing your own food. While I support growing your own food, visiting Farmer's Markets, and supporting your local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) people also need to be product savvy.
The public should be able to go to the local grocery store and buy safe and affordable food.

Time to speak up and take a stand!

Support your local CSA and buy seasonally local food. 

Bless Bless

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