Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Random Act of Kindness Tuesday- Giving Thanks

November is traditionally the month we give thanks for what we have in our lives. It is also the perfect month to really act upon those Random Acts of Kindness. 

This year the Viking Kiddos and I created a list of ideas we can share with the community and with you.

Please show Thanks by:

10. Thank a Volunteer- 
       - Thank the Girl Scouts and the Boy Scouts for their civic and community projects.
       - Thank that hard working Parent Volunteer in your child's classroom. 

9. Gather up flat or unused tennis balls and give them to current and new four legged furry friends. ~ idea courtesy of The View From Here.

8. Deliver Thanksgiving inspired treats to a favorite person, co-worker, favorite barista, teacher, etc.

7.  Pick up trash around the neighborhood. Have the Kiddos join in on this project.

6. Thank a First Responder or a teacher. I have bought several officers a cup of coffee over the years as a way of saying, "Thank You." 

5. Donate books t a children's library, school library, children's hospital, day care, or a family with younger children. 

4. Donate something handmade to a favorite charity. 
    - Knitted scarves, hats or gloves
    - Donate gently used jackets, hats or shoes to a shelter

3. Clothing donations to the Goodwill, AmVets or Salvation Army. I recommend these three for a couple of reasons. 1. The items actually go to the needy. 2. Each one of these companies train people in job skills especially the disabled. 

2. Complement someone or say, "Hi." Find out why here.  Or say, "Thank you." Find out why here.

1. Donate a meal for Thanksgiving and the Holidays. 

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