Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Random Act of Kindness Tuesday-Saying Hello

One day, I was asked by one of my Viking Kiddos why I waved and said, "Hello" to the CalTrans worker. I explained that it was my way of saying, "Hello, I see you."
When the Viking Kiddos see a CalTrans worker and in our little town of Alpine the Sunrise Power link workers they will wave and say "Hello."

Why say Hello to a stranger?
Saying hello to someone, even if you don't know them, is a common courtesy. It means you are acknowledging their presence; you are saying that they are a person, too, and that they are important enough for you to say hello to

By saying hello, you are letting that person know that you noticed them, and that they matter. What a compliment!

Step It Up:

Don't stop at "Good Morning." Start a conversation with the other person, ask them how their day is going, or what their weekend plans are. Who knows, this person might just become someone special in your life, all because you took it upon yourself to say hello one morning.

Keep It Simple:

If you are shy by nature, you can simply say hello to the people you pass walking on the street. Just make eye contact and smile or nod. That is enough to make someone's day!

Personally Story:

I told this story to Viking Dad a while back. A few years ago I lived in a neighborhood where my house was at the end of a T-intersection. When I left every morning I drove by a house where the homeowner used to sit on her front porch and drink coffee. I started to wave at her when I left. At first she would give me one of those "You are one my crazy neighbors" looks. Then she started to tentatively wave at me as I went by. Eventually, she would wave and smile as I went by. It made my day to see her in the morning and this became our morning ritual for several years.

It came time for me to move and as I was packing up my house my neighbor came over to speak to me. At first I didn't recognize her because she wasn't in her bathrobe and was without a cup of coffee. I was blown away when she came and hugged me. She told me that those morning waves and that spontaneous act of kindness really helped her during a dark period in her life. She assured me that she would continue waving and saying, "Hello" to people as they drove by.

A simple act of kindness was a beacon of light for one individual. Can you be a ray of light for someone?

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