Saturday, March 24, 2012

An important lesson I learned from my Dad

There are many lessons I have learned from my Dad. I learned a great deal about the farming industry, hybrid plants, gently cultivating and coaxing broccoli seedlings to maturity and how to maintain over 300 strawberry plants on a tight water budget.

From all the lessons I learned from my Dad the most important lesson I learned was to take off your rings when planting.
As a kid I witnessed this personally. My Dad happened to be planting broccoli seedlings for one of his seed experiments. Dad couldn't have a nice simple number of 5 plants to run his experiments. He had to have 100 plants! During the sequence of planting the broccoli seedlings he also planted his wedding ring. He didn't notice that his ring was missing until all 100 seedlings were neatly planted. My Mom happen to notice the ring was missing. My Dad never takes off his ring resulting in a very white band of skin on his finger. I remember the look of shear panic and dread on his face. He turned around and went right back to the table with all 100 broccoli seedlings and begin to un-plant the seedlings. I don't remember how many seedlings he had to undo before he found his ring. I do remember the look of relief on his face and the reassuring kiss my Mom gave him.

Moral to this story. Take off your rings before planting!

Now, my claim to fame is planting my bracelets. I do take off my rings but forgot to take off my bracelets. This story was inspired from yesterdays planting project were I planted two of my bracelets. Luckily they were easy to find.

My moral to this story. Take off your bracelets too.

Happy Gardening.

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