Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What to do during a National Tragedy?

Last Friday, I received devastating news. I learned through a former co-worker/Mentor that a gunman walked into an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. His reason for calling me was to warn me not to watch television and to protect the Viking Kiddos from watching the news.

I was asked by my Mentor to write something about how to talk to our children about National Tragedies like what happened last Friday.

To find out more about the tragedy in Connecticut click here.

From one Mother to Another Parent/Mother:

1. Tell the Truth. Be honest. Keep the dialogue age appropriate. Listen to their questions.
One person suggested not to bring up the discussion unless your child brings up the conversation.
 Keep the hateful political rhetoric out of the conversation.
"Yes, Viking Lady Bug, there was a shooting in Connecticut and yes little boys and girls were hurt and died."

2. Assure them they are safe at school. You are the first line for this sense of safety. Your own emtions are going to be read and observed. When explaining that there school is safe, their community is safe, their home is safe, you should remain calm about it. "Yes, Viking Monkey Boy, your school is safe."

3. Monitor the Media. This incudes Social Media ie Facebook, Google+ et al.  The media has either gone from being sensitive and tactful to overly obnoixiously sensational. As for the Social Media. I have had to warn a few of my friends to calm down the angry and hateful political rehtoric. Right now is not the time nor is it helpful. Even as adults we don't need to watch the news 24/7. It adds to our own anxiety which then is reflected onto our children.

4. Seek professional help if worry and fear becomes more. The district I teach in has had our own school shooting tragedies. Our Humble Little Town still realing from the effects of the shootings that occured at two of our high schools. Tragedies like Friday bring back horriable memories and long buried emotions. Do not be afraid to seek help.

5. DO NOT LET THESE DEATHS BE IN VAIN! Live! Love each other! Respect each other! Show Random Acts of Kindness.

To donate to the United Way on behalf of Stony Hook Elementary School click here.

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