Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Random Act of Kindness- "Doing the Most Good."

Tuesday has gone much better then Manic Monday.

This season we decided as a family to really focus on "Giving" and "Charity."  The Viking Kiddos this year have been exposed to the negative effects of materialistic, self centered, and greed this year. These are not the qualities we want to teach or be present in our home.

A beautiful opportunity and teaching moment occurred when Viking Lady Bug spotted one of the Salvation Army bell ringers.

She asked the bell ringer if she was in the "Army." The kind bell ringer gently explain to her she was part of the Salvation Army and that she was ringing the bell to ask people to donate to their red kettle. 
Of course Viking Lady Bug asked, "Why?" 
A perfect teaching moment started about Giving and Charity. Viking Lady Bug had some of her allowance in her pocket. Inspired, she decided to give her money to the red kettle. I couldn't be prouder. She had been saving her allowance for some hot chocolate at our favorite coffee shop. 

Ironically, that same week one of the radio station hosts started featuring stories on his show about what the Salvation Army really does. To be honest; I only knew them for their resale store ( I am a huge Goodwell Industry supporter because of their work training program for the disabled), and seasonal bell ringers. I had a vague understanding of their history as a Christian church. I was surprised at how many services they quietly provide to the community and to our Services Men and Women. 
Check them out here or in your local area.

I love their motto. "Doing the Most Good." Simple and Direct....

Here is my Tuesday Random of Act of Kindness Challenge- "Do the Most Good." 
Do the Most Good in some capacity this year. 

This year Viking Dad and I are supporting our goofy local radio station host in his Red Kettle Donations. He has a gentle competition with his co-host on how much money they can raise. All proceeds go directly to the Salvation Army. 

You can donate by going here.....

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