Monday, December 10, 2012

Manic Monday Continues

Like it can't get any better today.  Today is what is called a "Red Flag Day." This means that the winds in the mountain areas are over 60 mph. The Power Company from Hades decided after the Harris Fires in 2007 that to prevent further fires they would shut down the power grid in the Pink Zones.
We were all highly recommended to Prep for this occasion.

The pink areas are the areas that the Power Company from Hades will effect by shutting down the power grid. Yes, the Viking Homestead is in the Pink Zone!!

Last Saturday a parent of mine asked me why I am a Prepper. This is one of the reasons why? On Saturday, ironically, the Power Company from Hades did shut down the power grid for several hours. 

The newest App.....

Are you prepared!!!

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