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Paleo Diet and Gluten Free Resources

Almost thirteen years ago I was diagnosed with Celiac Spru Disease. Basically, in a nutshell, my body reacts to the gluten protein found in wheat, barley and rye as a toxin. This toxin then proceeds to damage the celia in the intestines creating a whole laundry list of side effects and conditions. To find out more and current research check out the following sites and talk to your Doctor. 

Celiac Disease Foundation and Celiac Disease and Gluten Free Information and Diet Information. 

Now, I am not going to debate the validity on Gluten Intolerance, Allergies to Gluten etc because I have a very strong Viking opinion about this topic.  What I will share is from my own research and experience from living with Celiac Spru Disease.

The only "cure" for Celiac Disease is to eat a 110% gluten free diet.
There is no cheating!

Thirteen years ago the Celiac Community was blessed to have Bette Hagman among us. While it took the United States sixty plus years to recognize Celiac Spru Disease, the rest of the known world and Europe had known about it since the 1880. By 1945, children were being regularly tested for Celiac Disease. Armed with the knowledge she learned from her own kitchen and others she wrote the first set of Gluten Free Cookbooks. 

Bette Hagman in her kitchen
The first set of cookbooks I found and purchased were:
  • The Gluten Free Gourmet- Bette Hagman
  • Cook Fast and Healthy- Bette Hagman
  • Everyday Gluten Free Cooking- Bette Hagman
Other books followed but these first three books helped me re-learn to cook gluten free and healthy. AND most important-- no funny weird ingredients!!!! 

Eating out while maintaining a gluten free diet is not easy. A good friend of mine who travels A LOT and must maintain a gluten free diet introduced me to Triumph Dining Gluten Free Restaurants. Originally, it started off as an email chain list. Now they are on Facebook.
Another fun resource is G-Free Foodie. She was actually my first blog I followed. 

Things have drastically changed in the thirteen years. It is far easier to find gluten free food in your local grocery stores. But, are they any healthier?

I stumbled on the Paleo Diets because I was looking for healthy meals for my family that didn't cost a small fortune or a King's ransom. We have run out of King's to ransom. 

Specialized diets are not cheap!!!

The Viking Kiddos also have Celiac Disease and must maintain a gluten free diet.  Viking Dad is also Type 2 Diabetic Insulin Resistant. This means everything must be "sugar light." The first Paleo book I picked up was the Paleo Diet by Dr. Loren Cordain, PhD.


It's not "Eating for Your Blood Type" but darn near close to it. This book only has the explanation of why the diet works. 
This is the cookbook                                               

This has the first 150 yummy recipes. Including, my favorite alternative to sodas!!! 

Next came

This book inspired the No Grocery Store Challenge last year. Julie and Charles Mayfield have created meals that do not make you feel deprived or like you are a "DIET!"
This book also gave me the confidence to really delve into the changing our families way of eating. 

AND the Newest Addition to the family.

My dream one day is to meet Diane and give her a big hug. She literally has saved my life. Unlike the other books that are focused on ultimate health and athletic build, Diane has addressed the autoimmune side of our health and how food effects us. The different meal plans in this book address specific autoimmune diseases that can be helped with diet. The diets are not meant to cure but make life easier. Yes, there is a chapter for Addison's Disease!!

Once again, I can't stress enough that if you are interested in these diets please contact a health care provider and discuss your plans with that provider. 

I also found two Paleo Mom's with really supportive and fun websites. I like these two because they are Moms themselves. Many of their meals are kid friendly and approved. 

Check out Nom Nom Paleo here. and The Paleo Mama here.   I also found recently the Paleo Diet Lifestyle. This guy is funny but informative. I don't totally agree with him, but he has posted some yummy recipes. Check him out here. 

Now, to be honest. I am aware that historically there are foods on the various Paleo Diets that are not historically accurate. I am aware that coconut and cayenne pepper were not used by our Paleo ancestors. Yes, I am aware that Viking probably didn't eat coconut. 

But, the reality of the matter is that our food and the way we approach food has changed since the Paleo and Viking times. We really need to get back in touch with our historical roots and learn from the past. Eat Well. Be Healthy

Bless Bless

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