Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Random Act of Kindness Tuesday-Donate Books

Over Spring Break I had the chance to clean and organize the Viking Kiddo's bedrooms. This is a Herculean Task in itself. One of the areas we organized and thinned out was the growing collection of books. Both Viking Kiddos are learning to read so the collection of books have slowly changed from books Mommy and Daddy read to them to books they are reading.

So, what to do with the books that are now too young for them? Or any books that are not read anymore? Here is an idea! Donate them to a school library, a small local library, convalescent homes, or even the local pre-school.
Even in this digital age of Kindles, Nooks and E-readers a good book is still a needed item.

Random Act of Kindness Challenge: Donate books to a local school or program of choice.

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