Friday, May 24, 2013

Why we left Public School. Not an easy decision

We all breath. We all have to breath to live. All living creature on this planet has some form breathing.

In some form or another we all sleep. In some form or another all living creatures have to rest or sleep. 

Now, the question is to all of us busy humans. Do we really breath and sleep properly?

This week I had to inform the Principle of the Viking Kiddos school why we were leaving to go to the Waldorf School. Before I sat down to write down in an email to the Principle why we made this difficult decision to leave Public School I thought I  would practice and work out a non- Anthroposphical explanation.

Here are the topics I have currently brainstormed.

1. The Common Core Curriculum
2. The Importance of Breathing and Sleeping
3. Understanding a Child's Temperament
4. Age Appropriate Standards and Development Stages of a Child
5. The Race to Nowhere vs a Life Long Learner
6. Education vs Social Engineering (Let the Kids be Kids)
7. Respect for religious and spiritual values. 
8. High Tech vs Low Tech

I hope to address each of these topics in up coming post. I hope to explain why we made this difficult decision to leave Public School. 

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