Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Where did Viking Mom Go?

"Where did you go Viking Mom? Where did the Viking Homestead blog go?"

I haven't gone anywhere. 

The Viking Homestead has gone through a lot of changes in the last six months.  The number 1 change our family has experienced this year is a change of schools. 

Before Summer Vacation I started Blogging about our family's decision to take the Viking Kiddos out of Public School and place them in a Waldorf school. You can find a consolidated list of the weekly Blogs under Viking Family Values in the 21st Century. There will be follow up posts about our experiences attending a Waldorf school. It has been a delightful change but also a period of adjustments. 

The second change that has occurred is Viking Mom's, me, health. I was diagnosed 13+ years ago with Celiac Spru Disease that required a strict gluten free diet. However, due to complications with the Celiac Disease and being a genetic lemon I have also been diagnosed with Addison's Disease and an ulcer. As if having a gluten free diet wasn't strict enough now I have had to eliminate ALL grains, seeds, legumes, diary, and Nightshade aka tomatoes and peppers.  The worse part is the deprivation of chocolate!! 

However, they have not taken away my coffee!! Yes, there is a bit of defiance there..... One just does not take away coffee from a Viking. 

After some experimenting I came to the conclusion that coffee must have "cream." So, I have settled on coconut milk for my dairy substitution. Yes, before you email me I have tried almond, soy and rice milk.  Words can't express how it tasted-


This diet is suppose to be easier on the liver. I was blessed to have a Sister and Good Friend introduce me to the Paleo diet. I am by far not an expert on any of this but I hope I can help by sharing my journey. 

The third major change is our actual Homestead garden. Due to a situation completely out of our control we have had to relocate and rebuild our garden. This Spring will be the rebuild and improvements to our garden. Stay tuned for that adventure. I wonder if the Vikings would have used Hydroponics?

The Viking Homestead is still committed to our goals and core beliefs. This coming year the Viking Homestead will be facing how to continue with these goals and beliefs with new challenges. 

Bless Bless
Viking Mom

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