Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Random Act of Kindness- Year End Review

I started writing about Random Acts of Kindness after a conversation with several Mommy friends regarding teaching kindness to our children. My goal was to give inspiration, purpose and ideas on how to teach kindness to our children without being too preachy, especially in a world that has turned so negative.

What is Random Act of Kindness?
When I started these posts I didn't know there was a huge organization and curriculum that supported my direction. I basically gleaned ideas from my own experiences, some outstanding Mommy Blogs, and the Random Act of Kindness Foundation.

When we go beyond our daily existence and model to our children how to help and reach out to others we are performing Random Act of Kindness. Kindness and empathy are closely related: kindness is the observable expression of empathy. We sense  another person's needs, we understand how it feels to be needed and we decide to offer our help. When we are kind, we express the best in our humanity. Our children are the future of humanity.

All acts of kindness- planned or unplanned- are valuable and beneficial. We had a great example of this when we started to go to the Farmer's Market. There were many learning opportunities at the Farmer's Market to kindness. Children must learn to kindness through acts and modeling from their parents. It is the only way they can internalize this important value.


1. is important in helping us understand the wider meaning of our actions and commitments.
2. will enhance the sense of cohesion in your family life, classroom, and community.
3. is a vital tool in helping students link their kindness activities in meaningful ways with the community and world around them
4. showing Random Acts of Kindness isn't a week long activity but a life long activity.

Continue to show Random Acts of Kindness.....

Have a great summer!

Bless Bless

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