Monday, August 27, 2012

Quick Smelly Introductions

This post originally was to introduce to you our newest addition to our Viking Homestead. This summer Viking Dad's oldest son moved in with us. He originally lived in a wild urban jungle town in Wisconsin. 
To keep in the theme of my posts he has been nicked name Viking Ninja Boy. 
Viking Ninja Boy has had to make some adjustments while living in the country and on a homestead.

For one. The temperature. This has been one of our hottest summers in Southern California. The average temperatures have been ranging from 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit. I keep assuring him that we do have snow and rain. I don't think he believes me. 
However, he is learning all about California wild fires and fire watch. We have already had some close calls this fire seasons and the season has only begun. 

Another fun adjustment  is having fresh eggs and live chickens running around the yard. Viking Boy gleefully told him that we are awaken by our organic alarm clock, Royalty and Freedom/Willow II. Royalty starts crowing around 4:30-5 am. So, staying awake past midnight around here is not a good idea. 
He is having fun collecting the eggs and feeding the "feathered" dinosaurs. It has become his morning chore to go and release his dinosaurs. We often ask him to go and feed the feathered dinosaurs. His facial expressions are entertaining. He is still shocked at how aggressive the chickens can be over a juicy apple core. 

 Today, Viking Dad found a huge clutch the goofy birds hid. Viking Dad instructed Ninja Boy how to float test the eggs for freshness. I don't recommend float testing in the bathroom sink. However, a perfect learning opportunity overshadowed the fact that the eggs were tested in my best bowl in the bathroom. 
Eggs that float are bad
Eggs that sink are good
Guess which ones are bad? Which ones are good?

Now, another smelly lesson. 
When Doctor Suess wrote his Green Eggs and Ham story I really don't think he intended the eggs to be this green, or this smelly.
Science moment......
The reason bad eggs float is that gas is trapped inside the shell. 
That same gas is what gives that lovely rotten egg smell.

Viking Ninja Boy was instructed to "toss" the bad eggs into the trash. Viking Dad probably should have warned him that the eggs would explode. 
From the other side of the house I heard an "pop" and poor Viking Ninja Boy stumbling out of the bathroom with a green expression on his face. It took a minute for the lovely smell to waft my direction. 

Again, I don't think Dr. Suess was talking about the eggs being green for this reason. Yes, that yellow-green slime in the trash is exploded rotten egg. 

After many moments of gagging, that eventually turned into giggling,Viking Ninja Boy now appreciates the stories of the Ninja Black Eggs.

Bless Bless

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