Saturday, June 11, 2011

No to Monsanto!

At the recent Mother Earth Fair, I noticed that Willie Nelson's Farm Aide was still active. Willie Nelson started Farm Aide to help the family farms survive during a time when big produce companies like Dole, Monsanto and others were buy huge tracts of land and putting the small farmer out of business. Many that survived deversitified and became micro-farms. We know many as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).
To add insult to injury now. Monsanto recently acquired the ability to sue farmers for "Patent Infringement." The seeds Monsanto created are legally protected as a patent. Any alteration of the seed without Monsanto's permission is illegal. Now, corn for example, is pollinated by the wind, birds and bees. If a Monsanto field is planted next to a non-Monsanto field the cross pollination genetically alters both fields. Hmmm! That doesn't seem right! Many CSA farms in the mid west are not growing any corn for fear of the cross genetically breeding and for fear that Monsanto will sue them. Or worse, have them arrested.
This really angers me! I also take it personally. I don't want some huge produce company telling me or my family what variety of corn to eat or feed to our animals.

Finally, families and farms are speaking up against Monsanto's monopoly. Please read the article found in Mother Earth News.

Bless Bless

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