Monday, May 30, 2011

Projects in the Work

Just a few projects in the works around the house. I would love to say that I created these on my own, but I am not that creative. I do love finding projects and putting my own flare on the ideas. I am not alone in these projects. Viking Dad is building a "Carrier" for our Son who has been in love with airplanes since he was born. His other passion are trains and it is common to see an airfield in the middle of an elaborate train tract.
I am working on at least three or four projects at one time with about three more in the planning stages.

I learned to knit last fall. I found this pattern for these adorable Waldorf inspired dolls on a website/blog called Wee Folk Art. I love their site and often go there for inspirational ideas. The patterns for the dolls are easy to follow even for this novice knitter. You can find the patterns here.

The large 12" doll was made for my Daughter. She loves the story Pinkalicious and had asked for a pink dolly. The dolls hair is a combination of Lion Brand Yarn Nature's Choice Organic Cotton "Strawberry" and "Petits Four." The additional wild colored yarn in the hair came from a store in La Mesa, California called Two Sisters and Ewe
The 10" purple doll is going to be the "Sister" doll to Pinkalicious. She will have equally crazy hair when she is done.

I am kinda of known for my Little Wee Fairies and Folks. They tend to pop up around birthday parties, as gifts, seasonal give away and "just because" gifts. One is always being created or birthed. I originally got the ideas and patterns from a book called Felt Wee Folk. I had picked it up at Michael's Crafts. I was a bit frustrated when I found that the store didn't have any of the supplies listed in the book. I went home and started surfing the internet. This Viking Type A Hippy Mommy was determine to find the yummy supplies shown in the book. That is how I found Wee Folk Art who had an advertisement for A Child's Dream Come True which had ALL the supplies. The author of the Felt Wee Folk has her own studio. It is fun to explore.Check out Wee Folk Studio.

This last fall Viking Dad taught me how to knit. I needed something to keep my hands busy and mind alert while I recovered from breaking my leg last summer. I am actually knitting a hat in the round. I found the pattern Lion Brand Yarn.
I like their site because they have projects for novices, like me, to advance. They have great tutorials and a "oh my Gods I have this mass of knots what now!" help page. Well, it's not exactly called that but they do have a section to help untangle those massive knots.

Aircraft Carrier in the works.
The truly creative person in the house is Viking Dad. I love having the ability to say, "Honey, I want something like this" (making hand gestures and troglodyte level drawings) and Viking Dad will build Herot. Our Son has picked up his Mom's talent of saying "Dad I want...." and the two will sit down in an afternoon and create what ever idea he's comes up with. This afternoon was no exception. Our Son loves airplanes. Last year Viking Dad drew out an accurate airfield. This year their will be an aircraft carrier in an addition to the airfield.

The Airfield.
I love how this family can come together and create together. There is no fear of use of imagination in this house.

Magical Wands!

Bless Bless

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